Welcome to my web site. Here you will find some information about my current research and teaching. You will also be able to “enjoy” my occasional rambles about political science and statistical methods on my blog.

Some basic information about me. I originally hail from the Netherlands but only lived there the first 25 years of my life. Since then, I spent my time in the United States and now in Switzerland, where I hold the Chair for Political Methodology at the University of Zurich. I was trained as a methodologist and political psychologist, first at the University of Amsterdam and then at Stony Brook University.

The substantive focus of my research changes frequently–I am indeed somewhat of a gadfly. There are some permanent features, however. Methodologically, my primary interests lie in choice models, machine learning, measurement, and multilevel analysis. Substantively, I am interested in political attitudes, beliefs, choices, identities, and values, as well as political parties. My geographic focus is on Western Europe and North America, with the occasional foray into Latin American or Eastern European politics.

I hope you will find the site informative. Please feel free to contact me for additional information.